UW-Whitewater Early Childhood Conference 4/9/11

This year’s Tai Chi Animal Frolics workshops at the annual Whitewater conference were lively and engaging as usual. Teachers and daycare providers learned a simple and useful technique to relax, refresh, and refocus with the peaceful pattern of the Tai Chi Animal Frolics form. The practice of this soothing pattern is perfect for children and adults and can be easily taught in schools and daycare centers. Hope to see many of you at next year’s conference.

Moving with Scarves

Moving with scarves, sensing continuous slow motion

Mirroring Movements

Moving as if in a mirror image

Focusing on Balance

Doing the Balancing Crane

Moving Through the Form

Practicing all of the movements in the Tai Chi Animal Frolics form.

Our Closing Circle

Bringing our time together to a close.

Animal Actions

Pretending to be animals in the wild.

Deepening Awareness and Focus

Holding freezes and sensing total body position

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