A respite from the relentless stress of daily life.

On these pages you will find information about the Tai Chi Animal Frolics, a peaceful, soothing method to bring balance to your life and the lives of others, whether at home, school or work. About


The Tai Chi Animal Frolics is a movement program created by integrated arts educator Gerri Gurman that blends the wisdom and principles of Tai Chi with the health benefits of the ancient Chinese Animal Frolics, developed by Hua To, a founding father of Chinese medicine, nearly 2,000 years ago.

The foundation of this program is a gentle, fluid movement form that enables people of any age to take a few moments to breathe and focus as they perform a simple sequence symbolizing the crane, bear, monkey, deer, tiger and sun.
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2 Responses to A respite from the relentless stress of daily life.

  1. I have used and enjoyed using the five animal frolic with seniors. For my friends we are less interested in calming than in generating excitement and energy. Our animals are first, the roar of the tiger, the moan of the bear, the whistle of the deer, the screetch of the eagle, and the munching of the monkey. I have learned the frolics from various teachers, most recently from Dr. and Tai Chi master Peter Kun Yang, here in Toronto, Canada. I enjoyed your video and work with the children and hope to stay in touch.

    • admin says:

      Good to hear from you Michael. Yes, let’s stay in touch. I am currently about to begin to work with four and five year olds and have developed an integrated arts curriculum for this 8 week teaching experience. I expect to publish the final curriculum in the next year. It has been such an exciting and rewarding experience. I am very interested in creating something that teachers can readily use in the classroom. I know it’s workable, because I did it for years when I taught in the public schools. It is so needed now, more than ever.


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