Tai Chi Animal Frolics in Nepal

Susan Webster, Tai Chi friend and U.W. Social Work professor, got a quick lesson from me in the Tai Chi Animal Frolics form before leaving on a journey to Nepal with a group of her Social Work students. She and her students thoroughly enjoyed this once in a lifetime experience. In addition to helping build a school, Susan and her students taught a group of children the Tai Chi Animal Frolics. The vibrant photos she took captured the concentration, joy, and motivation of this beautiful group of children.

Breathing Crane in Nepal

Nepali children are practicing the Breathing Crane movement

Teacher leads  form

The attentive Nepali students follow their teacher in the form

Seated Scratching Tiger

Practicing the Scratching Tiger while seated

Tai Chi Animal Frolics in the classroom  in Nepal

Children are doing the arm movements during class

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