You may purchase this 90+ minute instructional DVD for 39.95 plus 6.00 shipping/handling. Allow two weeks for delivery.

DVD Preview

What Others Have Said about the Program

“Tai Chi Animal Frolics is artfully rendered in word, music, images, movement and content.”

Mariel Wozniak, PhD
Former Fine Arts Coordinator,  Madison (WI) Metropolitan School District

“…a masterful work and contribution to our planet. It is all done so aesthetically and her voice definitely sets the tone for relaxation and focus. Tai Chi Animal Frolics can provide lifelong benefit to our children and teachers, and to all those whose lives they touch.”

Tricia Yu,
Tai Chi Master Teacher and creator of the Tai Chi Fundamentals®

“The art of cultivating Qi, or life force energy, is wonderfully informed by modern dance, making it immediately accessible, even for very young children.”

Steven Spiro,
Qigong Teacher, Madison, Wisconsin

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