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Balancing Crane on Cape Cod

Balancing Crane on Cape Cod

A variety of presentations, workshops, residencies and individual training sessions are available.  Each can be tailored to the needs of the group, individual, or organization and are appropriate for teachers, day care and health-care professionals, children, seniors and families.

Types of Workshops, Residencies, and Presentations

  • PowerPoint overview of the Tai Chi Animal Frolics program
  • Learning Basic Tai Chi principles, practices and techniques including the Tai Chi Animal Frolics form
  • Instruction adapted to working with children or training adults; one time workshop, class series, or residency
  • Tai Chi Animal Frolics in an integrated curriculum model-workshop for professionals in early childhood education, elementary education, junior high school, high school or college-level teacher training programs.
  • Designing a model for the needs of a school or program
  • How to use the Tai Chi Animal Frolics instructional DVD in your program

Illustrative Content

  • Movement experiences and creative techniques using props including scarves and balls; in silence and with music
  • Learning how to explore and utilize information about the five animals in the form; crane, bear, monkey, deer, and tiger as well as the sun
  • Learning Qigong movements and patterns, five basic Tai Chi principles and learning the Tai Chi Animal Frolics form
  • Connecting language arts, social studies, science, math, dance, drama, music and physical education with the Tai Chi Animal Frolics program
  • Learning mindfulness techniques and stress reduction practices connected to this program
  • History of Tai Chi, Animal Frolics, and Qigong and their relevance to the Tai Chi Animal Frolics program

“Teachers, administrators, supervisors, and parents who are interested in approaches to guiding and enhancing child development are sure to be pleased with this program.   Truly of the highest quality, it provides students with an opportunity to step into a world of harmony and balance in order to develop their potential.”

Mariel Wozniak, PhD
Former Fine Arts Coordinator,  Madison (WI) Metropolitan School District

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